How to change the Frsky XM Receiver to FlySky FS-RX2A on Makerfire Armor 65 Plus?

Published on: 23-Jan 06:35am

Here is the FlySky RX-RX2A.
1. You need to solder the wires to receiver correctly shown as follow:
PPM - White wire - Signal
+5V - Red wire - Power Positive
GND - Blace wire - Power Negative

2. The signal wire need to be connected as PPM on Flight Control (FC) too.
Original on the frsky: Frsky uses the Sbus receiver and the signal line is connected to RX.
After the change on flysky: Flysky's PPM receiver signal line needs to be connected to the corresponding PPM.

3. Connect the drone to Betaflight - Configurator
Change the receiver to PPM input and don't forgot to save it.
Now you have finished the job on the receiver changing.
Back to your normal binding process and fly!

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