How to solve "KEY STUCK" issue of Jumper T16?

Published on: 25-Oct 03:35am

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Published on - 25-Oct 03:35am

How to solve Jumper T16's "KEY STUCK" issue?

 Follow these steps to solve your problem.

1- Checked ribbon cable alignment for all ribbons (they all looked good).

2- Reformatted the SD card and loaded an earlier backed up version of SD card contents.

3- Checked the firmware at 2.2.3 (expecting 2.3v0018 contents) and verified the SD contents as correct (opened the file with text edit to verify that).

4- Ejected the T16 drive and SD card using the disc utility.

5- Fired up the Tx and got the same 'key stuck' error (external module not fitted).

6- Fitted the external module.

7- Booyah - success

8- Companion - I read the models from the TX and added some more saved models onto the companion and copied them back to the TX without issue.

9- Companion - I then updated the SD contents for custom images and sounds on the desktop SD card and syncronised the TX SD card with the companion without issue.

Great thanks for Phil's sharing.

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