Armor 85 HD how to bind Frsky XM receiver?

Published on: 24-Jan 06:23am

1.Take the Frsky X9D as an example. Turn on the remote control and create a new receiver configuration (it’s ok if you want to modify a original one).Please set Mode to D16 and Channel Range to CH1-16.

2.Press bind button on ARMOR 85HD XM receiver and power the quadcopter at the same time. The green light and red light on receiver will be lighted (the green light being off while red light flashing if unsuccessfully) when entering bind mode and ready to bind.

3.Turn on the remote control and enter bind state (select the Bind State on the remote control). The green light on receiver will stay light and the red light will flash if binding successfully. Switch off the bind mode of remote control,then power off the receiver.
4.Re-power the receiver, the green light will stay lighted if binding successfully. Please check the remote control channels’ corresponding status on Betaflight/Receiver interface after binding.

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